Thursday, December 22, 2016

December Happenings

December always goes by in a hurry! We've been very busy with school, church and extra-curricular activities, family parties, friend parties, all on top of the shopping and planning for Christmas! It's always a little crazy but oh so fun.  Here's a few things we've been up to...

  The Nutcracker with friends- it's always fun to have a girls night out! My girls loved watching it, was their first time at a performance of The Nutcracker.

Alli, Paisley & Haven

 Dance performance at the girls dance studio- so dang cute!

 Haven's pre-k Christmas program

 This little Christmas gown, her teacher has been using for 30 years!! Classic.

 Our first BIG storm in Idaho hit and we got about a foot of snow! Created such a Winter Wonderland!! It's super cold at night but ssooo pretty!

 Christmas Sunday best 

Monday, December 12, 2016


This year for Thanksgiving, we had Josh's brother Nate and his wife Sarah and their kids come up and stay with us! It was my first time ever hosting a Thanksgiving. Everything turned out great! I was so worried i would ruin the turkey but it turned out really good! The cousins had a lot of fun together, and the brothers got a lot of hunting in! Sarah and I got quite a bit of shopping in. We also went to the movie Trolls, on a carriage ride, played games, went to lunch, went for some ice cream and went to the shortest light parade of my life! Thanks for coming up guys!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bird Hunting

Bird hunting with my bae! ;) JK we both despise that word!! ha ha. But I did have fun going out bird hunting! Sadie is an awesome dog! Thanks to some old farmer man for letting us roam his corn field country. 

Family Pictures 2016

LOVE this family of mine. I'm so incredibly blessed. I love any and all pictures, but yearly family pictures are just the cherry on top! They are PRICELESS!

Happy Halloween

This year Alli was a haunted doll, Haven was tinker-belle and a poodle, and Emeri was a peacock. Josh even dressed up for our ward party as a vampire, chosen by the girls and had to go alone! =( I wasn't feeling all that great.  Right after Alli's bday party i got "vestibular neuritis" which is a virus in your inner ear that causes dizziness and fatigue. It seriously wiped me out for a good week and then it took a couple weeks after that to get back to totally normal. It was awful! My kids had a blast at their dance parties, class parties, ward parties and trick or treating.