Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Recipe # 4

Last but not least...TWICE BAKED POTATOES!!

These are probably my all time favorite. I make them all throughout the year, but they're especially good for this time of year. My Mom usually makes these for either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner. I love love love these kind of potatoes, but then again I love ALL potatoes!

Bake Large Potatoes and cool.
Slice Tops off and scoop out potatoe, and put into blender.
Add Butter, sour cream, onion (optional), milk, salt/pepper and cheese.
(There's not really a specific measurement for these ingredients, it's just to your taste.)I always put in generous amounts of butter, sour cream and cheese. Then scoop potatoe mixture back into potatoe skins. You can throw away the tops that were cut off.

Sprinkle Seasoning Salt and/or Paprika on top.

Put all potatoes in a large baking pan, then put back into oven to bake half hour or until cheese is melted.

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Eric Requel and Bella said...

I'm so glad you put this recipe on here. I was gonna call you to get it because they were so good when you made them for us. I'm making them for our Christmas dinner.