Friday, February 27, 2009

Girls Trip

Last weekend my Mom, sister and I went to St. George for the Home Show. I always look forward to it every year. It's fun to stay in a hotel, go to beautiful homes, shop, eat out and eat lots of treats!
Like every year there were some AMAZING homes. We saw a new area just above Hurricane that was really nice and had gorgeous views. It really makes me wonder why I'm not living down there every time we go!
Oh and I can't forget, we snuck cafe Rio salads into the movie theatre and that was quite the experience, one that I will try to never do again..quite embarrassing!! But it was worth it because we weren't late for the movie, got good seats and we didn't have to wait until 9:45 to eat dinner! Here are some of my favorite pictures from a few of the homes.

This home had a pedicure chair right next to the bathroom...How Genius is that?! I would be in heaven!

I LOVE Black and White Bathrooms, they are my favorite!

So this isn't a very good picture, but this house had the laundry room, closet and master bedroom are all connected so you could walk right into the other, it was so convenient!

Outdoor shower...need I say more?! Love them!

This house had everything in it, a basketball court, racquetball court, rock climbing wall, gym, golfing driving range, theatre, an amazing pool, everything! It was like a dream home, one which I will probably never own, but it was fun to see =) Here is a picture of their pool, it was awesome!

I love the stools in this pool.

More random pictures, there was a lot of stuff that I liked!


April Leydsman Mason said...

wasn't that pool so cool. That builders houses are my favorite every year. He does the coolest things especially with the pools.

Ryan and Amber said...

I finally posted my home show pics too - Geez - it seems like it was a while ago now!