Thursday, April 23, 2009

18 Months

Alli is 18 months old already I can't believe it! We don't have to go back to the doctor until she is 2 years old which will be nice because she definitely knows who the nurse is now, and knows that she's the one who gives her shots! However, she didn't have to get any shots today but she still was not a big fan of the nurse.
She is getting so big and starting to be more talkative. Her favorite thing to say right now is "Uh-huh" which means yes, she says it all the time. Whenever we ask her if she want something or wants to go somewhere she'll say "Uh-huh!" in this cute high pitch voice is so funny. She LOVES being outside and going to the park. She enjoys looking at the dogs through our back window. She loves other kids and will just go up to them anytime anywhere, she's pretty friendly. Her favorite food as of right now I think would be pancakes, peaches and fruit leather. She's such a sweetheart and we love her so much! Oh and she officially goes to Nursery this week at church, but that shouldn't be too hard on her because I am her teacher!

18 month Stats
Weight: 25.79 lbs (72ND Percentile)
Height: 33.25 in (90Th percentile)
Head Circumference 19 in (90Th Percentile)

Just being a cutie as usual!

This is right after we cut her hair AGAIN (we have cut her hair 5 times already) and cut bangs. They were getting so long and she always pulls her clips out, and then she couldn't see. I'm kind of sad though, I think I'll just let it grow for awhile. Unless it gets all uneven and weird, then we'll have to cut it again. She has SO much hair and it grows so fast.

She still LOVES her books more than anything else

She loves ranch or any kind of dip. She will just suck the dip off of anything and then chew the carrot up and spit it out. Kinda gros, but kinda funny!

One day she fell asleep on the way home from running errands, so I layed her on the couch and she took a nap, she looks so precious!

Alli holding her new cousin Dillon

Alli with her first manicure! She did better than I thought she would- you can kind of see her pretty nails here.


Travis and Lindsey said...

It is so fun to read about all of the fun things Alli is doing right now. Wow 5 haircuts already! She is lucky to have thick beautiful hair like her mommy. It is nice to know that I am not the only person whose child is going through the whole dipping stage right now. I swear half of Hali's meals consist of ranch, ketchup, or sweet and sour sauce.

Karen Kunzler said...

I understand you frustration about the hair. Shannon is the same way, but she freaks out when I say we are going to cut her bangs, so we are growing them out now. It isn't worth the fight.

Ryan and Amber said...

I love love love her manicure! Well that and the multicolored crocs.... so cute!

Ashlee said...

She looks so grown up! Nice job on the centerpiece!