Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jazz Game

Last night we went to the Jazz game, it was a lot of fun. We took Alli with us this time and she LOVED it! She was clapping and jumping up and down practically the entire game, and she was on the jumbo tron twice! It was a great game! We also saw President Uchtdorf there. I thought it was pretty cool to see him at a Jazz game, I guess even church leaders need some fun relaxation time too! Also, it was my sister Amber's birthday yesterday..Happy Birthday Sista!


Ryan and Amber said...

That was so fun and Alli was hilarious! What a star too - Jumbotron TWICE in one night! WOW!


Looks like you guys had fun! I'm so jealous I want to go to a jazz game so bad! Nate and I are seriously considering it. Are you coming down anytime soon? Joanne told me you were but then I never heard anything more about it. I miss you and alli!