Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today my Mom came up and helped me do my Spring Cleaning that was much needed. Let me just tell you, it was SO NICE to have her help! We got everything done in about seven hours. Here's the list I had and we got all of it checked off! Thanks Mom, you are the best. Also, thanks to Josh for watching Alli all day while we cleaned our fannies off!

* Washed all blinds and windows
* Washed or dusted all curtains
* Washed most of the walls
* Deep cleaned showers, bathrooms & floors
* Cleaned and organized under kitchen sink
* Washed all bathroom rugs
* Organized shoe and coat closet
* Vacuumed master bed and mattress, and flipped mattress (that was quite the task!)
* Changed all sheets
* Dusted all fans
* Cleaned off all appliances
* Did about 8 loads of laundry in the process and still going!

Aw, it feels so nice to have a clean house and it looks great! It also felt great to have a nice long hot shower, I was seriously sweating and out of breath!

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April Leydsman Mason said...

Can you come and do mine now? That is some serious motivation you have girl.