Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 Months

Alli turned 20 months yesterday. That is SO crazy to me! I say that every time, but it still just blows my mind! In just a few short months I will have a two year old and to be honest that scares me a little! She has been quite the handful lately but so much fun. Her leg is doing much better and it's only been a week and 3 days since her break. She no longer limps on it and she plays just like normal. It definitely hasn't slowed her down one bit, which is good!
She's started talking a lot more than she used to, and she has had some pretty big melt downs lately which I guess is typical at this age, but I hope she grows out of this phase soon! She also learned how to turn the door knob and get outside on her own now, so we have to watch her and always keep the door locked. I clean her earrings with a cotton ball and one day she went upstairs and got a cottonball, came back down and put it on my ear!! She is so funny and is such a quick learner. She makes us laugh everyday. Her laugh is SO funny when Daddy gets her going. She loves to help me unload the washer and dryer, she is a very good helper. She LOVES to play in the car and crank the music way loud and push all the buttons and pretend like she's driving. She loves playing at the park and cries everytime we have to leave. She loves any kind of ball, and likes to throw them and play catch. She finally likes popsicles...she did not like really cold things for a long time but just recently started to like them. We love you Alli!

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