Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Kael

This is our new nephew Kael! Isn't he sssooo cute?!! He was born July 28th in Idaho. He will be home very soon and I can't wait to see him in person! To see more pictures, visit my sister's blog here. It's fun to have our family be growing one baby at a time! My sister-in-law is having a baby girl in November too, so that will be so much fun! I just love new babies, I don't think there is anything more precious. Congratulations Amber and Ryan on the long awaited new addition, we're so happy for you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We went to Cedar over the weekend for the 24Th and had a great time! Friday morning we went to the parade, the park, Pizza Factory for lunch and then we had a BBQ later that night. Saturday, the girls went to St. George while the guys went fishing. We took our kids to the new Washington Rec Center which was really nice and fun! The guys met up with us there to pick the kids up, and then we went to Cafe Rio, Nielsen's Frozen Custard and shopped all day long without any was so nice!


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carnival, Swimming & Rodeo

We've been doing a lot of fun things lately - lots of fun summer activities! Here are a few things we've been doing..


Alli loved the carnival rides! Every time we went to get her off she would say "Nnnooo, No No!" and try to buckle herself up again.


Alli wasn't really into the water this day, she just wanted to run around outside the water, play on the chairs and watch people...which is just fine. It was just funny because usually she's all about water!


Alli loved seeing the "horsey's" and the cows. She kept pointing to the horses and saying "Hehehehehe!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Artist

A couple days ago I let Alli paint! She loved it and painted everything in site! She painted herself, me, the concrete, her sprinkler ball, her trike, her hair, the picnic table, her apple juice box, pretty much everything in front of her! Don't worry it was water-based paint so it came right off with a good spray down from the hose. I love to just sit and watch her do her thing, it's so fascinating!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few things I'm liking right now...

Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
because I feel like they are semi-healthy! But let's face it chocolate is chocolate and these are probably still not good for you, but eating these makes me feel a little bit better about eating chocolate. Plus, almonds are good for you!

Nyx lip gloss in the color "Sweetheart"
because it's the perfect pink color lip gloss that I really like!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock
because I have never worn sunblock on my face and neck everyday really until now. I don't want to have bad wrinkles when I'm older, although I might be too late! This kind you can put it on before applying makeup and you can't even tell it's there! Thanks to this blog, that is where I got the idea. She puts Vitamin E oil and sunblock on both morning and night. I'm going to try the Vitamin E oil, but I haven't bought it yet.

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics
because it's so cheap and I just bought some eye shadows and brushes from there that I really like and I got 2$ shipping on my order!

Barney & Friends
because Alli will finally watch a TV show and Barney is the one and only show she will watch from start to end. She didn't like TV shows for a very long time. I of course love it because it gives me a chance to do whatever for a half hour while she is entertained by Barney!

The Bachelorette!!
because I'm totally addicted to these kinds of shows and I can't get enough!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday was my sister Amber's baby shower! She is adopting a sweet little boy that is due sometime toward's the end of this month! I am SO excited and happy for her, she will be a great Mom. She got a lot of really cute stuff at her shower, so I'm glad she had one! Congrats Amber & Ryan, I can't wait to meet the little guy..and Alli will LOVE having a new little cousin around to play with!

Friday, July 10, 2009

So nice...

So today I went to the pool and layed out, got a sticky finger salad from Wingers, watched TV, took a nap, blasted the music while I did some cleaning, ran some errands, took a long bubble bath and did it all alone in peace with nothing else to worry about! It was AWESOME!
Josh has a softball tournament in St. George this weekend and he dropped Alli off in Cedar with his parents so I get to have a little break! It's not very often that I get one, so it's been nice! I know Alli is probably having so much fun down there playing with all her cousins, so that makes me feel good about it. I would have gone to St. George but I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow(whole other post coming)!!! Josh and Alli will be back Saturday night which is just the perfect amount of time. So I think a little break is good every now and again. Only small ones though...I dont' think I could do long ones =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

This year we went to the famous 4th of July Celebration in Richfield…there is nothing quite like it! There was the usual parade, park activities, running into friends, fireworks, family, cotton candy, Navajo tacos at the park, homemade ice-cream, root beer, lots of playing outside, BBQ and Dad’s history lessons!

Alli had so much fun this year. We put her in the diaper derby- for her age group it was a “toy pull.” She was so funny and basically just stood there and watched all the other kids and then finally took off right at the end! She loved playing in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard and was out there basically ALL day jumping, swinging, playing in the water and playing with the balls. She’s a little outdoor girl for sure! This year she didn’t mind the loud sirens in the parade or the big boom’s from the fireworks unlike last year. She loved seeing everybody and was sad to see everyone leave, she definitely loves a crowd!

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