Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carnival, Swimming & Rodeo

We've been doing a lot of fun things lately - lots of fun summer activities! Here are a few things we've been doing..


Alli loved the carnival rides! Every time we went to get her off she would say "Nnnooo, No No!" and try to buckle herself up again.


Alli wasn't really into the water this day, she just wanted to run around outside the water, play on the chairs and watch people...which is just fine. It was just funny because usually she's all about water!


Alli loved seeing the "horsey's" and the cows. She kept pointing to the horses and saying "Hehehehehe!"


Ryan and Amber said...

I love a good rodeo and THANKS for the additional Alli butt shot! Love it! :)

Eric Requel and Bella said...

You guys have been doing all sorts of fun things. I love that it's nice and we can be outside all day!!

April Leydsman Mason said...

Geez you guys are busy bodies. Looks like you are having fun though. Oh and Kylee has that same black shirt as Alli. We have great taste in little girl clothes.

brandon and jakell said...

your little girl is adorable! What a cute family! Its fun to see how everyone changes since High School and find friends blogs, looks like life is treating you well!