Wednesday, August 19, 2009

22 Months

Alli turned 22 months today! She will soon be TWO years old, wow! She is getting so smart and is quite the crack up. I can see the terrible two's starting to come out in her occasionally...she's had a few meltdowns. I guess we all have to go through that stage sometime right? She is very smart and is starting to talk up a storm. She can say so many words now! Her favorite snack right now is string cheese. She LOVES it, but then again she's always loved cheese. She loves to watch Barney and play outside. She is such a happy little girl. Here's a sample of just some of words she can say. She's such a smarty!


Ryan and Amber said...

Oh man that is one of my favorite posts so far! LOVE her little voice and all her "big girl" words! She's a keeper!

April Leydsman Mason said...

She is so cute. Elbow was my favorite word she said. What a smart little girl.

Karen Kunzler said...

How sweet. Her pronunciation is really good. Her hair is so sweet. My girls get their hair so late in life. Looks like she is just a doll.