Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here is a few projects I've been working on lately that I just finished.
First, I made these cute pottery barn looking balls that I thought were pretty cute. I got the idea from my friend Megan's cute blog. If you want a tutorial on how to make them, click here.

Next I made this picture board thing..also a pottery barn idea. I love browsing PB's home and kids magazines and getting ideas. If I had unlimited money and I would seriously buy their store out. But really, a lot of their decorations you could totally make! I like trying to make my house look pottery-barnish, even if it's just little things, it makes me happy =)

Last but not least is the big project. I refinished this dresser that I got it from my parents out of the Wayne County house.

{History...When I was in high school I went and helped my Dad move a ton of furniture out of some guy's cabin at Fish Lake and my Dad was a bishop at the time, so he gave a lot of it away to ward members that needed it. This dresser though, he kept and put in my room in Bicknell. Over labor day, I asked him if I could have it and he said yes!}

It needed quite a bit of TLC to make it look cute, so I sanded it down which was SO hard even with an electric sander- my hands hurt for like a week. Then I took off the old gross gold hardware, filled in the holes, primed it, painted two coats on it, put a protectant on it, and finally it was done! Josh, put the new hardware on it and walla- a new dresser for Alli's room! I love it and she loves it too. It was kind of a lot of work, but I'm happy with it. She needed a new dresser because her old one was so ghetto and would fall over sometimes...not safe at all.

Here it is BEFORE:


* Yes, I am missing one dang knob..I didn't order enough!

I love the new pink knobs and the 11 drawers- she needs ALL of the them because she has so many clothes!

So there ya go! I love doing projects. Sometimes in the process of doing them I don't love them, but when I'm done it feels good. Any other project ideas that you've done that I need to do? I would love to hear!



Ashley I love the dresser. I am actually refinishing a dresser for Lacie's room too. Where did you get the knobs that is exactly what I am looking for only not pink her room is red.

Eric Requel and Bella said...

Look at you so crafty. They all look awesome. I'll have to have you help me do a few things!!

Josh and Ashley said...

Hey Sarah, I got the knobs at a place called D. Lawless hardware online.

Steffani said...

Ashley, look at you!! I love the dresser! It's so, so cute! Isn't it fun to be crafty and handy!! :)

Ryan and Amber said...

LOVE the dresser! Good job, girlie!

Megan said...

so cute! i LOVE those pink glass knobs. mylee has a ton of clothes too. little girl clothes are just too hard to resist. thanks for the plug. all your projects look great!

Christian said...

I love the dresser. All your projects turned out super cute. Wish I had motivation to do something like that.

The Penney's said...

Wow! I'm impressed Ash....you have inspired me to start a new project!

bergesonbs said...

WOW you are quite the woman! I love the PB, and trying to copy the designs for cheaper!. We need to get together again, seems like forever ago.

Karen Kunzler said...

That turned out SO cute. I did something similar to a dresser I grew up with that was my Grandma's. You did a great job!!!