Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Girl Bed

We moved Alli into a her "big girl bed" a few days ago and she is adjusting so well! The first night we put her in it, she slept all through the night. I was a little worried that she would just play or jump on her bed all night long but she didn't, and I was so proud!

For now, we just put a mattress on the ground until she gets used to it, and then we will eventually put it on an actual bed with railings. We read her stories, say our prayers and then she puts her baby and owl to sleep, and then she knows it's time for her to go to sleep. She cries for about 5 minutes when we tuck her into bed and then she talks to herself and plays for about a half hour and then falls asleep.

Naps take her a little longer to fall asleep. Yesterday she was sideways on her bed, naked, with trashbags everywhere and book covers off a few of her books. She doesn't like to sleep IN the covers, just ON the covers in weird directions with her favorite "blankee." It will definitely take some time before she figures out the whole bed thing, but she is doing really good considering it's only been like two days.

We've already learned to put all her toys and anything else she might get into in the closet with the door shut. We just leave her a few books out and that's it. I can't believe she is in a big bed now...she is growing up so fast.


Ryan and Amber said...

Oh no - you are in trouble! She is going to jump her little self silly! :)

Eric Requel and Bella said...

That's way cute. I'm glad she's doing good in her bed. I'm so scared for the day that we put Bella in hers. And I can't believe you went out shopping that early. You are crazy! Did you go solo??

April Leydsman Mason said...

We just moved Kylee to a queen size bed as well. Not by choice but because we will soon be needing her bed. She did really well in at well and she sleeps just like Alli. On top of the covers and every wich directions. She is so stinking cute and i cant believe how big she is getting.

Scottkids said...

Hello! Came across your blog again! It's so cute! You'll have to tell me how you got this cute font!