Monday, December 14, 2009

All Alli wants for Christmas is....

NOTHING! Ha ha- Alli was too scared to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas! She loved talking about him all the way down to the mall, but when it was time to sit on his lap she was not into him at all.
After she was done and got her sucker, she thought Santa was nice and kept saying "Santa nice." I love how he is so calm and happy in all of the pictures even while Alli is screaming her head off and begging to get down. Maybe next year she will convert to a Santa lover, but for now not so much =)


Eric Requel and Bella said...

Sad. I still need to take Bella to see Santa.I wonder how she'll like him.

brandon and jakell said...

Good Luck :)

My 5 year old is STILL this way! We have talked her into finally getting even near him then sitting on his lap once after about the 3rd Santa we had seen..still each time starts like this, with the crying and freak out. She has seen him 5 times now and is still freaking out and has every year since she was a newborn. I thought how she had got the nerve 4 other times so far this year to get near him like she has..even after the major anxiety over it she would be fine the last time we saw him...wrong. worse than ever LOL kids are to funny!

p.s. she is still super cute!