Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Sophia's Blessing

My brother and his wife Carrie recently had a sweet little baby girl! Today we drove up with my parents to Logan for the blessing. She is so tiny and cute. It was fun to see them and take the drive up. It's been awhile since we've been up there and I always like to go since it's my old stomping grounds in college!

Sweet baby Sophia

Family of Four!




Alli was loving the picture taking time, she is such a ham! She just sat on this stool the whole time and said "cheese" and waved at everybody, I think she thought everybody was taking pictures of HER the whole time- it was pretty hilarious. I couldn't ever get a good picture, but trust me she was cheesin' it up for sure =)


Ryan and Amber said...

I can vouch for you - Alli was hilarious during picture time! The funniest thing was she had NO concept that she wasn't the star of EVERY single picture! So cute!

brandon and jakell said...

so cute... tell them congrats for us! I haven't seen Carrie in years! They have a adorable family too!