Thursday, December 17, 2009

Popular Phrases by Alli

She is obsessed with monkeys lately so I had to get a pic.

I just wanted to write down a few of the things Alli has been saying a lot lately so I don't forget...

"I cleanin"

"All betters"

"I help?"

"Up here, Up here!"

"All done!"

"Other side"


"Aw-kay" (okay)

"Shh baby go night night"

"Here go"

"There ya go"

"Baby sleepin"

"Pretties?" when she wants my makeup

"Daddy, work?"

"I stuck"

"Bye-bye, see ya laters" or "see in awhile" or "laters!"

"Dink" (drink)

and by far the most often, which is such a typical two year old phrase....

"I DO IT!"

She has to do EVERYTHING herself, or at least try! We love this 2 year old =)


*~JaLyne~* said...

She looks like such a cute fun girl! Have a Merry Christmas!

Ryan and Amber said...

Love her little scarf - little Miss Fashionista! And I better here her say "Laters" really soon!

April Leydsman Mason said...

She is too cute. Kylee says drink the same way. Hope you guys have a good christmas.

Megan said...

so funny how two year olds can make you pull your hair out and laugh from one minute to the next. where did you get her darling scarf? i love it!

Josh and Ashley said...

The scarf and sweater came together from Burlington Coat Factory.