Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeshow 2010

We had so much fun at our annual St. George home show/girls trip despite the cold rainy weather. As always, we saw beautiful homes, ate great food and even found some time to squeese in a little shopping.
Last year we had a hard time with some of the directions, so this year my Mom brought her Garmin, which we later named "Gina." Needless to say, "Gina" didn't have her maps updated so we got a little lost a couple times but were able to find all the houses we wanted to see.
The way home was a little scary because the roads were pretty bad through Beaver. My sister and I thought our kiddos were going to have a breakdown but we made it safe and sound even though it took about 5 hours to get home.

Here we are at the beginning of day one at our hotel.

Doesn't this look like a post card or something? Oh no, someone actually lives here- aren't they lucky!There were some amazing views from most of the homes.

Little Kaelster did really good during the whole thing despite his blow-out and being so tired and drug around all day long! What can i say, he loves hangin out with the girls =) Lucky for me, we dropped Alli in Cedar at Grandma's house on the way down so I didn't have to haul her around everywhere.

We went to this breakfast place called "The Bear Paw" and it was SO delicous! It's a pretty popular place down there. We loved it so much that we went back the second day.

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