Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss You!

Josh left to Florida today for work until next Monday and we already miss him. I don't know how all of you wives of traveling hubby's do it! I'm so glad he doesn't travel that much. Pretty sure I'll get very little sleep tonight because I'll be so scared sleeping all alone- don't worry I will have a shot gun by my bed and all doors securely locked!! Plus Ruger will bark if he hear's anybody. Then again I'll probably sleep like a baby since I had to take him to the airport at 5:30 AM and I'm already exhausted.

On a random note, I really want to see the movie "Dear John." I think it looks so good! Mostly because I love the author Nicholas Sparks. He also wrote the Notebook and I LOVED both the movie and book. Actually it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Hopefully I'll be able to see it this weekend because my Mom, sister and I are off to St. George for the homeshow! So see, I'll only have to sleep alone for ONE night because my sister and I are going to Richfield tomorrow.

Oh and one more thing how could I forget...did you watch the Bachelor?!!! Okay I can't believe Vienna is STILL there. I'm kind of suprised he sent Gia home but I also heard that she has a boyfriend at home..same with Vienna. Then I also heard that he chooses Vienna at the end!? I am cheering for Tenley, but I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks!


Steffani said...

I was going to say, lets go see "Dear John" together. If you don't make it to see it in St. George just let me know!
Oh and I can't believe Vienna is still there too! This season has been especially dramatic!! Seriously!! Go Tenley!

Cami said...

SO want to see that movie! notebook was my all time favorite movie as well.
bachelor... I'm still fuming about mondays episode! i've watched this show FOREVER but haven't ever been this mad. i loved Gia..i just thought it would have been a good finale with her and tenley. I do like tenley. but now think he deserves vienna so he can end up with her now! haha we'll see i guess!
I"m sure you'll be busy with your family but call me if you aren't too busy while you are in town, love to see you guys. have fun if not

Travis and Lindsey said...

I want a review of Dear John when you see it, because you will probably see it befor me. I too want to see it very bad. I read the book and am very curious to see how close the movie and book are.

Oh and make sure you don't miss house #11 in the Parade of Homes. It is by far the best house! I am however a little bias because my father in law built it. It is also right next to my house. So if you like it that much you can buy it and we can be neighbors! I may see you there as I might be working at it.