Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jazz Game

We went to the Jazz game last night. We were only there for the first half and then Alli got scared of the mini bear that came up by us. She loves the bear from a far, but NOT up close. She seriously was clinging to me for like 30 minutes after she saw him. She kept saying "go home?" It didn't help too that she was so tired- she hadn't taken her nap earlier and she goes to bed at like 8:30. It was fun while it lasted though!

She had to have her OWN chair or else she would throw a fit, so luckily there was a empty seat in front of us and that is where Josh sat the whole time. (As you can see)

This was her staring at some guy yelling at the ref ha ha! She didn't know if she should be scared or not.


Ryan and Amber said...

She's full of surprises lately - no Jazz Bear and no swimming! What a little Miss Sassy Pants!

Ryan and Amber said...

OHHH I like this header even better! You need to redesign mine for me when baby #2 comes - or just come over and teach me all the tricks. FANCY!