Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggstreme

This year for Easter we decided to stay here and go to the "Easter Eggstreme" event at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty fun, but so FREEZING.

There were a ton of kids there, so all of the eggs were seriously gone in like 1 minute, it was crazy! Alli got a whopping 7 eggs, but she still had fun. They had little activities for them to do after like little tractor rides, bouncer things, rides with ponies, face painting etc. Afterwards we went to Chili's for lunch and then came home and long nap.

Sunday we just chilled and watched conference and then had an Easter Egg hunt in our house since it was so cold outside. Happy Easter 2010!

She loved riding the "tractor"as she called it.

She thinks her bubble blower from Grandma is pretty cool -thanks!

All the Easter Goods

Bathing with her new Easter Ducks


youngkinfam said...

Ash! I love that little yellow dress-so cute!!! Oh and happy late birthday! Come see me!

Ryan and Amber said...

It looks FREEZING at Thanksgiving Point! Glad you had her freakin' parka! :) SOO fun to "ride the tractor!"