Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Love with Herself!

A few days ago I was watching something on our video camera and Alli came over to see what I was watching. She LOVES to watch herself! So I rewound the tape all the way to the beginning and she just watched it for like 30 minutes. It was a great way to free up some time! I just thought these pics were kind of funny, I love all of her expressions in them minus the picking of the nose one..that's gross, but I thought I'd throw it in since it's sorda funny.
She cracks me up.


Eric Requel and Bella said...

That's cute. Bella is the same. Just the other day Bella and I watched our wedding video and a bunch of video of her. We did this for an hour or more. She loved it!

Ryan and Amber said...

That has to be weird, right?! Hard to wrap your head around seeing yourself on TV at such a young age! Cute pics!

Cami said...

that is so funny! it really is entertaining watching them look at themselves!
congrats to Josh on his new job, that is exciting! hope all is well