Monday, April 26, 2010

One for the ladies

Ok so I won a free bikini wax about a week ago from Wax Me Too- a waxing only salon in Draper. I went and got it on Saturday, and they told me I could upgrade to a Brazillian for 20$. So I was brave and went for the Brazillian. The last time I had this little procedure done was right before my honeymoon and it was pretty awesome I'm not gonna lie!
If you have never experienced a Brazillian waxing, then you should face your fears and just do it! I feel like a new woman! Haha! Although it is painful and somewhat awkward, anybody who says it's not is lying. But it's only about 30 minutes of pain =) Anyway, now that you know a little more than you wanted to, lets change the subject...

I just found that one of my favorite candy bars is back!!! The MARS BARS! They disappeared for awhile and now they are back! I found them at Walmart and hopefully they will stay because I'm a fan =)


The Brindley's said...

I seriously have never I am glad you posted it. I am going to have to find somebody around here who does it.

As far s the Mars Bars go, YUM!!!

Ryan and Amber said...

Mmmm - Mars bars.... Love it!