Monday, April 12, 2010

Painting "Tunnels" aka Toenails

After Alli got out of the bath, she got on her snow white dress up on and wanted to paint toenails. I think it's because I had painted hers the night before.
So, I drew a hand and a foot on some paper and let her have at it. She is really into art and always has been- she loves painting and coloring.
After a little bit, she decided to paint her own toenails and that's when we had to stop before she made a huge mess! It was fun to watch her- I could sit and watch her do stuff like this all day because she gets so excited and happy, and that makes me happy =)


Ryan and Amber said...

I kind of love that she is in her snow white costume after her bath. Such a comfy looking night gown! :)

Nick and Val said...

I love that you let her do these things! Some moms wouldn't because it's too messy. What an awesome mom!