Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Stuff

COCONUT M&M'S. Hello, can we say Heaven? I just found them yesterday FINALLY- don't worry that I had been searching everywhere for them! I mean it's two of my favorite things- coconut and chocolate combined, what's not to like? Only problem is, they are limited edition so they won't be around forever. Guess I better stock up!

Also, lately I've been watching Giuliana and Bill! Giuliana you might recognize from E news! I love her. Bill won the 1st ever Donald Trump "Apprentice." They got married and now have a show together. Just one more show to add to my list of favorite shows.

Roxberry. There is a new one that just opened close to me so I've been there a couple times to get a smoothie and they are very delicious! I will definitely be back often I'm sure.

Power Pump class by Lori at Gold's Gym. It's a toning/cardio class I've been going to on and off and I love it. Tuesday's class kicked my butt in gear. I can hardly walk down the stairs or lift Alli up. I am SUPER sore but I love feeling that way.


youngkinfam said...

ok so i have to say, the new almond joy pieces are better than the m&ms---mmmm ssooooo good-try em!

April Leydsman Mason said...

those sound so yummy. Think i'll check them out. I love the Roxberry Smoothies too. We used to go to that one by the Costco all the time. Mmmmmmmmm makes me want one just thinking about it.

Ryan and Amber said...

I hear if you put chocolate candies in your freezer you can save the for up to a year! Happy Stocking! :)

The Penney's said...

I! I went to it in Cedar at the Gold's Gym there every Tuesday and Thursday. Lucky you!!