Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shark Week!

Are you excited?! Shark week starts August 1st on the Discovery channel. Josh and I are super excited! I know we're lame, but we love it =) I love watching the shark attacks- weird I know. This is probably why I hate the Ocean, because i can only think the worst when I get in. Anyway, just wanted to fill you in!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cutest Girl

This place called Photo Works (formerly Kiddie Kandids) at University Mall called me a couple days ago to come try out the brand new return I would get a free collage. So of course I said yes- it's a just an excuse to go the mall right?!
Anyway, they did a really good job. Alli was loving it, they couldn't believe that she wasn't even 3 yet because she was posing just how they told her too and smiling so good. They told me she is a photographer's dream =) They loved her and I loved the pictures! Thank you Photo Works!

Days of 47 Rodeo

Alli & Daddy...she was too focused on the horses to look at the camera!

Cousin Kael & Alli


Alli loved watching the horses...we were right next to them!

She even got to pet one of them! She is so fascinated with horses, and talks about them ALL the time =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

These days...

Alli is super funny and talks so much! Here's a few things she's been saying lately...

"Come on, I'll show you"

"I don't want it!"

"Aw...cute baby"

"Mommy y home!" (she can't say your for some reason)

"I'm a princess"

"Yeah, I okay Mom" (after she falls down)

"Tickle bow bows" (elbows)

"Look, I'm doin it!"

"Oh man"

"Oh...sorry Mommy"

She loves to eat chocolate milk, apples/applesauce, sugar snap peas & chips & dip.

She hates when I comb or hair out or do her hair for that's such a chore to get it done! So usually it's always hanging in her face. But the times that we actually get her hair done, she loves it. I'll just have to start doing it everyday so she'll get used to it i guess =)

She is very independent. If she wants something to eat for instance she'll just go get it or find a chair and find what's she's looking for in the pantry. She's really good at just playing by herself too.

She knows the words to a few songs that we hear on the radio, she's pretty good at remembering them when she hears them!

She has to make her own chocolate milk and it has to be the Nesquick powder kind. She loves to put some scoops in the milk & then stir it by herself.

She loves to wear boots...even in the summer!

Loves the Kangaroo Zoo and the Splash Park lately. She'll ask to go to one of those places EVERYDAY. She says "Go to Zoo today?"

She loves to watch her shows. Her favorites lately are Dora, Caillou, and Bernstein Bears.

She still makes tons of messes... at least twice a week. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose- she's crazy! We try to teach her but she doesn't seem to care.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th

We had another fun 4Th of July in Richfield. We went to the parade, went to the park, played in the back yard, took naps while grandma and gramps tended, had a BBQ, watched the fireworks and ate home made ice cream. Good times had by all! Happy Birthday America...

Wyatt and Alli at the parade

Ryan, Sophia and Kael

Alli enjoying some of Grandma's delicious home made icecream