Friday, July 23, 2010

Cutest Girl

This place called Photo Works (formerly Kiddie Kandids) at University Mall called me a couple days ago to come try out the brand new return I would get a free collage. So of course I said yes- it's a just an excuse to go the mall right?!
Anyway, they did a really good job. Alli was loving it, they couldn't believe that she wasn't even 3 yet because she was posing just how they told her too and smiling so good. They told me she is a photographer's dream =) They loved her and I loved the pictures! Thank you Photo Works!


Scott and Megan said...

get outta town! I am on your blog while you are on mine! That is funny. I love to come to your blog and check on miss Ali. She cracks me up! Scott and I think she is so flippin' adorable. Looks like the rodeo was fun, too. Thanks for checkin' in on us and your well wishes..xo

Eric Requel and Bella said...

Cute pics! It's always nice to get some free stuff too!