Friday, July 16, 2010

These days...

Alli is super funny and talks so much! Here's a few things she's been saying lately...

"Come on, I'll show you"

"I don't want it!"

"Aw...cute baby"

"Mommy y home!" (she can't say your for some reason)

"I'm a princess"

"Yeah, I okay Mom" (after she falls down)

"Tickle bow bows" (elbows)

"Look, I'm doin it!"

"Oh man"

"Oh...sorry Mommy"

She loves to eat chocolate milk, apples/applesauce, sugar snap peas & chips & dip.

She hates when I comb or hair out or do her hair for that's such a chore to get it done! So usually it's always hanging in her face. But the times that we actually get her hair done, she loves it. I'll just have to start doing it everyday so she'll get used to it i guess =)

She is very independent. If she wants something to eat for instance she'll just go get it or find a chair and find what's she's looking for in the pantry. She's really good at just playing by herself too.

She knows the words to a few songs that we hear on the radio, she's pretty good at remembering them when she hears them!

She has to make her own chocolate milk and it has to be the Nesquick powder kind. She loves to put some scoops in the milk & then stir it by herself.

She loves to wear boots...even in the summer!

Loves the Kangaroo Zoo and the Splash Park lately. She'll ask to go to one of those places EVERYDAY. She says "Go to Zoo today?"

She loves to watch her shows. Her favorites lately are Dora, Caillou, and Bernstein Bears.

She still makes tons of messes... at least twice a week. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose- she's crazy! We try to teach her but she doesn't seem to care.

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Cami said...

we LOVE the kangaroo zoo, we should meet up there sometime!! really, it would be so fun!
love how girly girl she is! looks like you are having fun!