Thursday, August 12, 2010

Latest Must Haves

Gray Nail Polish. Actually it's gray with a hint of brown mixed with it. I think it's very chic. This particular color is called Steel Gray.

Red Bull energy drink. I know it's not super great for you, but I can't seem to stay away from it for longer than a few weeks. I think it's one of those drinks that you either love or hate.

Goody Spin Pins. These are amazing! My sister introduced them to me and I'm in love! One spin pin does the work of 20 bobby that not genius?! You need to get these.

A sparkly CLEAN wedding ring! I seriously haven't cleaned my ring for like 3 years and I feel like I just got engaged again =)

JCPenney. I remember going school shopping there when I was little and I haven't been there for years. I think maybe it's making a come back?! I was recently there and was very surprised at their selection!

Johnson's No More Tangles shampoo + conditioner. Alli always has lots of tangles by the end of the day and this really helps both of us when it's time to comb out her hair after the bath! I also love their new baby wash scent Honey Apple.

Eyebrows. I have an obsession with eyebrows- I think they can do wonders for you face when they are shaped well. I guess this one isn't really a "must have," it's a want, and I WANT Megan Fox's eyebrows. I think they are absolutely perfect...I want her makeup artist to come do my brows =)


Ryan and Amber said...

The Spin Pins really are fan-freakin'-tastic, aren't they? Now I'll have to try your steel gray polish!

Scott and Megan said...

o I just love you Ashley...these are such important little finds! It's the simple things in life that make it fun! I use a silver sharpie for my fingernails! Is that not genius? i can touch it up whenever, it stays on forever and it matched my silver dress that I wore in italy---what a weirdo I am, I know! I am always evaluating my eyebrows...sheesh...i can't seem to make up my mind...and maintanance...oh i could go on for days!

Eric Requel and Bella said...

Ok I totally agree about a shiny wedding ring. I get mine cleaned every time I go home. So probably every other month or more. Love it! And i need to try the no more tangles shampoo, Bella is starting to freak out when I comb her hair after bath. You've peaked my interest in the spin pins. I've seen them and have i can try. THanks!

bergesonbs said...

Can I just tell you I look forward to your latest must haves. I'm dead serious. It makes me feel up to date, and I love comparing new finds and loves. We need to get together again, it's sad.