Thursday, August 26, 2010

"You can't sin failing, but the sin is in never trying" 
-Paula Dean

I was watching her on Oprah and she is hilarious, I love her!

Furthermore, I can't believe Oprah's final season starts on September 13th...that is so sad!


Steffani said...

I love Paula Dean too! She's a HOOT!!! In the bakery section at Walmart she has these little gooey cakes kind of by the donuts on the top shelf. You should try the lemon gooey cake it's so good!!! Probably really bad for you too! She's says everything is better with butter. I am sad it's Oprah's last season too!! :(

The Penney's said...

LOL!! Paula Dean cracks me up too! Her laugh is SO contagious! Did you see the show where she turned on the electric mixer and stuff went flying all over Oprah and the audience. It was a classic moment...