Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alli's 3 Year Pics

 I'm a little early on these...her birthday isn't until October 19th but I wanted to make sure I had them done BEFORE her birthday, and the photographer was going on vacation in October. So here they are! I love the way they turned out! THIS photographer took them and she did a wonderful job, and Alli Loved her. These were taken in an orchard and Alli loved to pick and throw the apples. There was a cat that kept following us around the whole shoot so I had to throw apples at it the entire time to scare him off =) Thank you Kara, they are amazing.

Warning: OVERLOAD of pictures- there was like 90 pictures I had to choose from! Anyway, here they are in no particular order....

Yes we're slightly obsessed with her and love her to pieces! She is the happiest little girl with the best personality and I love that about her. I can't believe she will be THREE soon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love THIS song by Tim McGraw. I have never heard it on the radio or anything, but just wanted to pass it along if you want to hear it, I think it's so cute!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh Julianne...

So I would call myself a Julianne Hough fan, starting from dancing with the stars. I always thought she was adorable! However, I'm not so sure about her lately. I don't know if you got the chance to see her new music video "Is that so wrong." Well, I did and it was pretty hootchie/ronchyish. In fact, CMT won't even play it as of right now. How sad is that? I know the video raised a lot of controversy, and for me it was just way too in your face and over the top. She doesn't need to try that hard...I mean we already know that she is gorgeous with a rockin body- she's a professional dancer!

Also, i think she could do so much better than Ryan Seacrest but that's just me.

Anyway, I just like to read about stuff like this and then share the gossip, especially since she's from Utah =) Maybe she should have stuck with dancing, but I do hope her music career works out. I really do like her, I think she has a great personality from what I've seen of her just on TV.
In the end, my advice for Julianne would be Stay Classy, Not Trashy...not that I'm an expert by any means!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back at it...

I am back to work that is! I recently accepted a full time, yes FULL time position as an Admissions Consultant at a local college. It's an actual real job with a salary!Today was my 2nd day of training and it's been great so far. It's a little overwhelming with everything I'm learning, there is SO much information but I think I'm getting it down . If everything goes well, it should be a fun rewarding job and I'm excited about it! 
I feel like Alli's at an age now where she is old enough to where I would feel pretty comfortable leaving her with somebody all day. She just wants to play all day anyway. She is very social and lets be honest she probably has way more fun playing with kids that are around her age than with me all day. She seriously doesn't care who she's with or where she's at most of the time, she is pretty easy going. The cool thing too is that when I get home I'm way more excited to do things with her and our time together is more useful/valuable.

It has definitely been an adjustment for sure though. The 4 years we've been married I haven't worked more than 30 hours a week (and that was before Alli was born). I've had a few part time jobs here and there, but I've always been home with her everyday and I've NEVER taken Alli to any type of day care which was the other big adjustment that we're all still adjusting to. BUT, she is doing great and she seems to love the lady we take her to. She goes to a girl who has 3 girls of her own right around Alli's age, and has taken her kids to day care before for 4 years so she knows what it's like. Alli has not yet cried when i dropped her off and is happy when we go pick her up. I'm so glad because that was my biggest concern. I mean it's a big deal and it was very important to me that she was happy and okay while I was working! It makes my day at work a lot easiwer when I know that she's in good hands. Plus, the fact that she's not going to remember any of this when she's older makes feel better about it =) 

The other thing is I like to feel productive and feel like I'm doing something. I've always loved working and doing something other than just being home. I think I may get this from my Mom, who worked as long as I can remember since I was little. She is a work-a-holic. Don't get my wrong I have LOVED staying home with Alli up to this point, and will stay home again with our future kids but I love working when I can. For me, there is just a satisfaction/motivation that you get from it. Plus money is always a bonus, I don't care how much you make or don't make...extra money is awesome in every way! =) This is just temporary until we have another baby but for now I am a working Mom and I'm actually quite enjoying it! I'm sure I'll have my days though.

Anyway, wish me luck on my new job I will need it! If you made it through ALL the way of through my novel...good job! I probably won't be posting as much anymore since I don't have as much time now, but then again I probably will because I'm a blogger from way back, you should all know this...Lata!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soaking it in....

We are going to miss these long summer days.
Did you know that Fall officially begins in like 4 days?!! Crazy.
We've been enjoying these last few days of summer by spending LOTS of time outside.
Here is Alli at the Highland Splash Park- it has been one of her favorite places this summer!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girls Trip!

Some of my good high school friends got together for a girls trip to Park city last weekend and it was so much fun! It's been WAY too long since we've all been together. I feel like we're all pretty much the same, but with kids and husbands and fiances! We stayed in a really nice suite at the Silverado Lodge.  It had 3 rooms a full kitchen and 3 bathrooms which was perfect for 8 girls.
Friday night we went to dinner on main street at Easy Street Grill and then went back to our hotel and stayed up talking until 4 AM! Then we got up at 8:30, well actually the maid woke us up. We all got ready and went to breakfast at Kneaders and had some of their amazing french toast which I had never had before. I will  definitely be going back for some soon!
After breakfast we went shopping of course pretty much all day and then had a late a late lunch.
Afterward we stopped by McCall's house to see her wedding dress which is so pretty. I had so much fun visiting, laughing, talking, and shopping with everyone. Love you girls...until next time!

 If we look a little tired it's because we got 4 hours of sleep the night before!

Kenz brought her baby Hayden along with us who was so good I barely even knew he was there!


 Katy the designated driver who drove all the Southern girls up =)

McKenzie, Lindsey and Chelsea who is about ready to have her baby girl!

  Josh's Mom came up last weekend and watched Alli. Josh was going to go hunting but didn't end up going so they had a lot of fun together. They went to the mall, the park a few times, fed the ducks, went to Thanksgiving Point, and went to lunch. This picture was taken on Sunday right before we left for church but when we got there not one car was there and we realized that it was Stake Conference. How do you forget something like that?! Woops.I think Alli missed nursery because she had us all sit down for a lesson. She gave us church pictures and then we sang nursery songs.

Alli and Grandma JoAnn.
It was a little bright outside if you can't tell  =)

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's the Dad Life...

I saw this on a friend's blog and had to share because I thought it was hilarious!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor day weekend we went up and stayed at the Hilton in downtown for a couple nights.The first night we just relaxed and went to the pool. The second day we went to Wheeler Farm, Heritage Park and the Bee's game.

This is where Alli spent the majority of her time at the pool...on the side ha ha! Ya, she refused to get in.

On the steps is another place you'll find Alli "swimming." =)
She eventually got in!
She has a love/hate relationship with swimming. She does really good in shallow kiddie pools but the deep water ones like this she struggles.

This was at Wheeler Farm, we were NOT impressed with this place. It's pretty lame, so we went over to "This is the place," Heritage Park which was a lot better for everyone.

Alli riding the train at Heritage Park. I think she looks so cute here.


The bee's game was PERFECT weather, it was so gorgeous. We found out that Alli LOVES roasted peanuts! Man, I couldn't shell them fast enough for her. She pretty much ate the entire bag.

We had a fun little Staycation/Labor Day weekend! I love spending time with just us as our little family, couldn't ask for anything more!