Monday, October 11, 2010


I had my first apple pie carmeled apple from Kneaders the on Saturday and it was DELIGHTFUL
I like to bake a lot lately
I love Project Runway
I'm really into watching Cake Boss on TLC, it's so fascinating! Josh thinks I'm weird for liking to watch it =)
I love everything Pumpkin...cookies, cheesecake, bread, pie, ALL of it.
I love that Alli copies everything I say lately
I need to get my carpets cleaned really bad
I wonder who really reads my blog regularly and who my blog stalkers are!
I love that my house is clean right now
I think it's weird that I now love any form of onions and raisinets..what the?! Not sure how that happened.
I love that Alli likes to be as independent as she can be
It's nice to be back in Relief Society- I was in nursery for quite awhile =)
I love to plan parties
I'm secretly so excited to take Alli to build a bear because I know she will love it!
I'm anxious to try a cookie dough recipe I found that is safe to eat (without eggs). It can be found HERE.
I randomly won tickets to Disney on ice on the radio- i have won quite a few things off the radio actually
I love quotes
I'm excited to go to Vegas for work in November
I feel very scatter brained lately, not sure why?!
I think my Alli is the best little girl and so gorgeous...I wonder what other people really think
I love the new Pioneer crossing road...takes me like 5 min to get to Target now!
I'm really glad Josh is likes his job
I love that we get to have 4 seasons, even though I wish winter was shorter
I love Tim McGraw's new song "Felt good on my lips"
I want to go country dancing with Josh

The end!


The Brindley's said...

I love random! Watch out onion rings and raisinettes were my biggest craving when I was pregnant. Love Cake Boss! Cookie dough recipe with no eggs??? You must share. I think your little Alli is gorgeous as well :)

The Belnaps said...

Onions..Raisinettes..scatterbrained??? Are you preggers? And I stalk/read your blog...

The Sutherland Family said...

Nope- Not preggers...that I know of!

Ryan and Amber said...

What - I have NOT had an apple from Kneaders yet - what the fetch - you must call when going to fetch lovely treats. :)

Eric Requel and Bella said...

You are CRAZY!

Shera said...

Hey! I guess you could call me one of your blog stalkers!! I am glad you left a comment on one of my posts a while back, so I could find your blog. Alli is darling!! It looks like you guys are doing great.

Julie said...

I'm definitely a regular reader. I love these random things. It's kind of a nice little peek into people's minds. I'm with you on Project Runway. I LOVE it, I'm totally rooting for Mondo. I love him.