Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Days 10-12

Day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
I don't really have specific songs that I listen to when I feel a certain way. I do like all of the songs that are on my playlist below. I really like the Zac Brown Band lately, but I am a fan of all kinds of music.

Day 11- another picture of you and your friends
 I'm skipping this one- already did it. I do have friends up here too but I hardly have any pictures with them! I I'll have to work on that.

 Day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one
I think I found out about blogger from my sister. A couple of my friends had one too, so I decided to start one. I started it shortly after Alli was born and haven't stopped it! Why I do it is to keep a record of happenings in our life. Kind of like a journal/photobook. I also use it as an outlet to write whatever I want for fun. It's very relaxing to me, and I love to look at other people's blogs. I'm planning on printing it all out into a big book by the end of this year.


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The Brindley's said...

I am liking Zach Brown Band lately too. My reason for blogging is pretty much the same as yours. I have printed my book the last 3 years and love it. It is definitely like a hobby for me, since I never get to scrapbook anymore.