Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Tree is up!

Last Sunday I was in the Christmas decorating mood, so I pulled out all the Christmas stuff. Very rarely do I get the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. 
Alli had a blast decorating the tree this year. She kept saying, "A Christmas tree, Yay! Thank you!!!" 
She was going a hundred miles and hour pulling everything out of the boxes.
She is already so excited for Christmas, we are reminded everyday that "Christmas is coming!"

It was kind of disaster area...

So excited for the Christmas tree!

But first I am ready to enjoy my Turkey dinner and be lazy all weekend, and maybe squeeze in a little shopping too. If we can make it down to Cedar that is...after this so called "Blizzard" of the century we are having right now. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


*~JaLyne~* said...

Jealous that your tree is up. Sure wish mine was. Guess that's what I'm doing this weekend rather than relaxing. Your little Alli is so darn cute. Have a Happy Holiday!

Ryan and Amber said...

Your tree looks so dang cute! I'm nervous about putting mine up - two little "UN Decorators" might make it less magical! :)