Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Alli Update

Alli has been talking A LOT! Her mouth is pretty much always going especially at home when it's just us. She gets a little shy with people she hasn't seen in awhile or doesn't know, but then she warms up pretty fast. I'm glad to see she's learning lots and lots of new things!
  • She is REALLY into Art and making stuff. She loves to cut, tape, draw and color things, and then do it all over again and again.
  • She loves to sing into make believe microphones. She even dances in front of it like she's on stage.
  • She is a big helper. She always has to be helping me clean, stir, put away the silverware, move the clothes from washer to dryer, sweep, vaccum, anything she can do. 
  • The other night when we were saying prayers she said "please bless my presents."
  • Randomly the other day she said "your the mommy, I'm the kid and Daddy is Josh!"
  • She copies a lot of what we say...this can be bad or good ha ha.
  • She likes to talk to her dolls and stuffed animals. She tucks them into bed, it's the sweetest thing ever!
  • She likes to command. For example she'll say "Say Please, Now Say Thank You, or Say Sorry", or whatever it is. She likes to hear us repeat it back to her.
  • She loves to act like a dog lately? Don't know where that came from but I'm glad in only lasts about a half hour at a time.
  • She sat on Santa's lap this weekend and didn't cry! The last 2 years she burst into tears but not this year. She was very brave, and she's VERY excited for Christmas this year. She always says "Christmas is coming to my house!"
  • Oh and you better belive that I've definitely been taking advantage of  the "you need to be a good girl so that Santa will bring you presents" line this year! Ha Ha, Love it.
  • She is SUCH a good girl. Sometimes she drives us crazy, but 99% of the time we LoVe her like crazy.

Always wanting to help and try things for herself...

Here she is watching a movie on the ceiling at the dentist office. She LOVED this dentist this year! She got her first xrays done and you could see her adult teeth behind her baby teeth, it was kind of cool to see. She is cavity free too, yay! 

Sleeping Beauty. She still falls asleep in the car and still often takes a nap. Gotta love that!

Being Silly. She told me to take a picture of her and this is what she did.

Some of her Artwork. She told me this was her family =)

This is one of several octapus' that she has made. I don't know where she got the idea but she makes them ALL the time. First she draws the lines, then she has me cut them and then she curls the strips herself with a pen. Then tapes the top. Pretty creative for a 3 year old I'd say!

We Love You Little Lady!


Ryan and Amber said...

3 Cheers for Sleeping Pictures - they are the BEST!

Eric Requel Bella and Lyla said...

Wow she is quiet the little artist. Let's play soon.

April Leydsman Mason said...

I still can't get over how cute she is. And how fun that she is so creative. What a smart little girl.