Thursday, January 13, 2011


 I have no problem at all leaving dirty dishes, laundry piled sky high, dirty floors, etc to call it a day and hit the sack. I can leave all my worries and chores behind and fall right to sleep no matter what needs to be done. I think it's quite a gift I have. I think it's because in the back of my mind, I know everything will get done eventually, so I just don't worry about it! There is no use in stressing over it. I know that kind of stuff can drive some people bonkers so I feel lucky, or maybe a little lazy ha =) But I dont know, maybe this is a bad thing- what do you think?

I love to look online at stores. If  I see something I think is cute I'll go to the store and find it. Probably 75% of the time when I go and actually see it in person or try it on I don't like it. I like having a plan of action when I go shopping. It's much more time efficient this way and I get less distracted when I know exactly what I'm looking for. 

I hate it when the dental hygenist is flossing your teeth after a cleaning and they use the same spot of floss over and over again. I just went to the dentist last week. I personally move to new parts of the string when I floss, so this kind of drive's me crazy when they do this and I think it's gross.

I have noticed especially lately that people who aren't originally from Utah but live in Utah always have bad things to say about it. It makes me wonder why they are here if it's so bad here? If you hate it so much, then move back to where ya came from...or why did ya come to Utah in the first place?! Drive's me crazy.
I love Utah, so don't hate on it!


The Brindley's said...

Perfect post Ash! I am so with you on the floss thing. I just took my boys a couple days ago and was watching her and thought the same thing. I think they are just putting what they get out of one crack into another lol. I too have a gift where dishes, messes, whatever don't bother me. Sometimes I wish I was a little mor OCD about things, but my husband has actually thanked me a few times for not being too picky, cause it all does get done eventually. And them Utah folks who hate Utah drive me crazy too. They have a choice of 49 other states, move to one of them. :)

Ryan and Amber said...

You crack me up - I am starting to doubt if the laundry will ever get done here with the puke-fest that was this week. Wish me the best, eh?!

Steffani said...

I totally agree with you on the Utah thing. If you don't like it than why did you come here and why don't you leave!! AND I don't think you're lazy about your house. I'm definitely happy with a cleaner house, but I go to bed too with it messy.