Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hardware Ranch

This weekend my family all went up to Logan to go to the Hardware Ranch. Afterward, we went to my brothers house and frosted my Mom's super delicious Valentine's sugar cookies and then Brandon and Carrie made us a dinner...smoked beef, rolls,baked beans and potatoes...yum! We missed Josh, he had a dog trial by Mesquite that he had been planning for months....he missed out! Anyway, it was good to see all my family and hang out. Love y'all!

All of us on the sleigh

The horses that pulled our sleigh...Norm and somebody else I forgot the name

Some of the elk we saw up close

Some of the bull elk

Little Sophia

Grandpa, Alli and Grandma

Alli and Wyatt, they had fun together 

Cant go without a cousin picture!
Kael, Dax, Wyatt, Alli and Sophia




Decorating cookies

Enjoying a cookie, yum!

Love the sprinkles on her lips =)

Wyatt the hunter. He pretended to guide Alli on a hunt in his backyard and told me that Alli scared the deer away...darn!


youngkinfam said...

Ash-those pics of the elk are seriously AMAZING! did you get so close to them?

Ryan and Amber said...

Good job mama photog. It was fun and I hope Allster is all recovered. Funny little pose the three of us did on the side of the road, eh?!