Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President's Day Weekend

We had a such a fun weekend, I wish every weekend was a long weekend!  We did so many fun things! Yesterday we went ice skating and that happened to be the only thing I took pictures of. I thought she did so good ice skating for the first time!  Here is our little ice princess in action!

We met Josh's co-worker Matson and his wife Afton there. This is Alli with Afton, who is pretty much like a professional ice skater...literally!

She was following directions so good

Time to go home- she pouted like this quite a bit actually. She kind of had a love hate relationship with ice skating =) She did have a lot of fun though, when we got home that's all she could talk about.

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Ryan and Amber said...

She looks the part - love the little multicolored frills hangin out of her coat!