Saturday, February 5, 2011

Provo Beach Resort

Last night, we went to the Provo Beach Resort at the Riverwoods. This place is a pretty awesome place for kids and adults. It has laster tag, a bowling ally, indoor surfing, carousel, playgrounds, miniture golf, a rope course, pretty much everything! I'm sure we'll be going back to play many times.

 They even have a little mini bowling place for little kids, so cute!

This pic is randmon, but this is how Alli ate her chocolate doughnut the other night...I thought it was kinda funny =)


Eric Requel Bella and Lyla said...

I've never even heard of this place. You always find fun random places. We need to check it out sometime. And Bella eats doughnuts the same way...sick!

Ryan and Amber said...

Oh I just learned about this place! Are my boys too young? Dang - Alli is the perfect age for these places!