Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I turned one year older and wiser yesterday... I turned 27 yesterday! It's crazy to think that I'm in my late twenties. Not early twenties, not mid twenties, but LATE  20's...yikes! I don't like where this is going. But hey, on the bright side I'm still IN my 20's, so that's great!
Anyway, I had a really good birthday- I ate way, way, way too much junk food. My co-workers had made me some cupcakes and then when I got home we went to Chili's and had my favorite Chocolate Molten cake. So I had plenty of cake.  When I got home I just had to have something healthy because I felt sick from all the junk I ate, so I had some broccoli to make up for if that helped at that point- oh well, it made me feel better =)
My Mom was up here the day before my birthday, so she watched Alli for us and we went to dinner and a movie which was awesome. I also got some really cute things to add to my wardrobe and some money...yay!
 Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today is RS we had a great lesson on Gratitude. It was just what I needed to hear! I need to be more thankful for everything I have. I have A LOT of things to be thankful for. Sometimes I take things for granted, so I am going to remember to be more thankful and appreciate everything that I DO have and focus less on the things that I DON'T have.
I found this quote on another blog that I love, especially the last part.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hunting Partner

Josh took Alli out with his dogs this weekend while I ran some errands. I thought she was going to hate it but she loved it. Josh said she would yell at the dogs and give them some good pep talks. She went up to Woody and said "find the bird Woody." Good solid instructions for a pointing dog! As for me, I got so much done in so little time. It's amazing how much faster you can get stuff done without a 3 1/2 year old by your side! Not that I don't love taking her with me, but you know what I mean.

Also, this is proof that I CAN make cinnamon rolls! I have tried them a few times and have failed. For some reason they are hard to make for me! I always mess up the dough somehow.  This time however, they turned out good. YAY! Oh, and we did cut Alli's hair 4 inches this weekend! It's looking nice and healthy and it's still long enough to do stuff with. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day is not a big holiday here at our house, but I did buy Josh a Corned Beef just for him! I am not really fond of it at all, I think it's so gross. I don't like the smell or the look of it. Josh LOVES the stuff though, so I thought I would get one for him. The best part is that he cooked it himself- what a good man! Probably because he knew I would gag or burn it or something. 
Anyway, so Josh had the traditional Irish corned beef and potatoes meal today. Alli and I stuck with  green salad and green pistachio salad. Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day was great with or without corned beef =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Cut or Not to Cut

I'm asking you, should I cut these gorgeous golden locks Alli has, or keep them growing? The main reason I want to cut a few inches off is because she has taken a few "chunks" out of her hair with the scissors lately. A couple months ago she took chunk out of her bang area...then sometime after that she took a few more chunks out of the back. It's not very noticeable because she has so much hair.
Anyway, I want it to look well kept and healthy and not straggly. We've already trimmed her hair numerous times, but this time I kinda want to take like 3 to 4 inches off. Plus, lets be honest her hair seems to grow pretty fast and she's got a lot of it.
What do you think?  I know it's just hair, but hair is a big deal! Like what if she doesn't like it, or I don't like it and she's mad at me? me! I asked her if she wants to cut her hair and some days she says yes, other days she says no.

So tell me what you think, should I....

A. Not cut it, just let it grow & grow
B. Trim it but keep it growing long
C. Cut it

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I have been awarded the
Stylish Blog Award!

I got tagged this award from my friend Lisa, so thank you Lisa and here I go!

The Rules:
1.  Thank the person who tagged you to do this.
2.  Share 7 facts about yourself.
3.  Award 7 blogging buddies this "Stylish Blogger Award."

7 facts about me-I'll try and think of 7 things that I haven't already said about me on this blog in previous tags.

1. I am not a big phone person. I don't need to have the latest and greatest new phone. If it works and I can talk and take pictures with it, that's good enough for me. Plus, lets be honest I lose and drop my phone way too often =)

2. I love candy and chocolate...I eat some sort of sweet everyday.

3. I feel like I have a lot of great ideas for a house, business, decorating, yard, etc....I just need like 2 million dollars to do it =)

4. I love black licorice flavored things, but I enjoy red licorice in terms of actual licorice better than black if that makes any sense at all.

5. I love to make stuff on Sunday's. Sunday is treat/baking day at our house.

6. I love to sleep and I hate daylight savings time which is today- just that one hour throws me off and I hate it. Why can't it just stay the same all the time?

7. I love milk.

I award these 7 blogging buddies for the "Stylish Blogger Award." Have fun!

1. Savannah P.
2. Shera W.
3. Amber G.
4. Requel L.
5. Chynna C.
6. Kristen N.
7. Sarah S.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All about Alli

Alli is now 3 years old 4 months! I can't really wrap my head around that sometimes. Seems like yesterday she had little chunky thighs and rolls everywhere.
Here is some things about our Alli lately...

She likes to delay bed time as much as she can. Her usual bedtime routine includes, story from Dad,  brushing teeth, vitamin, & drink of water, prayer, song and done- lights out! Lately, she'll do anything to make it a little bit longer any way she can. These things include wanting Mommy to read a story, going potty a couple times, giving Daddy more kisses, taking cough medicine..even though she does not have a cough right now, singing a song & finding every stuffed animal possible. We usually give into a few of these, but now it's getting exhausting. I'm gonna have to put my foot down!

She always says "I wanna get married," and then she'll say "I wanna marry Daddy." 

She loves to have her toes and fingernails painted. 

Love to explore with makeup.

Has had a few bad dreams.

Likes to dress up like a princess everyday.

Says "I don't want that!" a lot.

Favorite color is purple.

Loves to eat frosted shredded wheat, little oranges, corn, oreos, noodles, hot dogs, cheezit crackers, grap juice, chunks of raw potatoes, apple slices and cafe rio/costa vida.

She is a really good water drinker.

Loves to shop!

Can fully dress herself and even put on socks/shoes and even tights.

Likes to play with friends and make new friends

Has a great imagination.  She likes to talk to her dolls and stuffed animals and feed them snacks.

Is SO ready for preschool. Asks me everyday to go to school. 

Comes in to our room a lot in the morning and snuggles with us, I love it.

She is an amazing little girl, and we're so proud of her. We love her SO so much!

Lately, she is really into watching things on the "compooter." She loves to watch Caillou and all the Disney movie songs while eating  carrots and dip. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Show 2011

St. George Home Show

Highlights for me included....

Hanging out with just the girls (my mom and sister) with NO kids

Breakfast at The Bear Paw & sitting next to Frank Layden

Eating way more chocolate Easter eggs than I should have

Getting inspired from all the great homes

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes

Letting my cough medicine knock me out and sleeping in at the hotel 

My sister and I laughing our guts out at Outback for no reason at all

Shopping at a cute little new store down there called "Rock n Rose"

I had such a fun time, it was nice to get away for the weekend.
Thanks Mom, you are the best!