Thursday, March 3, 2011

All about Alli

Alli is now 3 years old 4 months! I can't really wrap my head around that sometimes. Seems like yesterday she had little chunky thighs and rolls everywhere.
Here is some things about our Alli lately...

She likes to delay bed time as much as she can. Her usual bedtime routine includes, story from Dad,  brushing teeth, vitamin, & drink of water, prayer, song and done- lights out! Lately, she'll do anything to make it a little bit longer any way she can. These things include wanting Mommy to read a story, going potty a couple times, giving Daddy more kisses, taking cough medicine..even though she does not have a cough right now, singing a song & finding every stuffed animal possible. We usually give into a few of these, but now it's getting exhausting. I'm gonna have to put my foot down!

She always says "I wanna get married," and then she'll say "I wanna marry Daddy." 

She loves to have her toes and fingernails painted. 

Love to explore with makeup.

Has had a few bad dreams.

Likes to dress up like a princess everyday.

Says "I don't want that!" a lot.

Favorite color is purple.

Loves to eat frosted shredded wheat, little oranges, corn, oreos, noodles, hot dogs, cheezit crackers, grap juice, chunks of raw potatoes, apple slices and cafe rio/costa vida.

She is a really good water drinker.

Loves to shop!

Can fully dress herself and even put on socks/shoes and even tights.

Likes to play with friends and make new friends

Has a great imagination.  She likes to talk to her dolls and stuffed animals and feed them snacks.

Is SO ready for preschool. Asks me everyday to go to school. 

Comes in to our room a lot in the morning and snuggles with us, I love it.

She is an amazing little girl, and we're so proud of her. We love her SO so much!

Lately, she is really into watching things on the "compooter." She loves to watch Caillou and all the Disney movie songs while eating  carrots and dip. 


youngkinfam said...

She is seriously a doll! She has the prettiest hair, and i'm quite jealous! Miss ya Ash!

The Penney's said...

OH my!! She is a cutie patutie! SO...Brecken is a computer nerd too! He will say to me, "Mom, I want to go to! PLEASE?" Or "How about I play games on" Kids these days....

Ryan and Amber said...

You are in SO much trouble.... I wanna get married. Wow - good luck when she is a teenager! :) Lil cutie

Brittany said...

Wow! She couldn't be any cuter! It looks like you guys have been doing some really fun stuff!

April Leydsman Mason said...

She is so cute and getting so big. Maybe she can come teach Kylee how to get dressed. Kylee is almost three and refused to put her own clothes on.