Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Chubby Game

The Chubby Game has become a night time ritual between Alli and I. She thinks it's SO funny, which it is- but she really thinks it's quite hilarious =) 

In case you have forgotten how this little game works, here's how it goes down...

She squeezes my cheeks and I say " name is Chubby. I like....Chocolate" (or whatever it is...peanut butter, cookies, oreos, etc ) Then she laughs hysterically.

Then I squeeze her cheeks, she says her little spill and then laughs and laughs again. Then after that she tickles me. Then we take turns repeating the process over and over. It's so funny and so cute and the same time. 

I just love this little face and the little moments like this.

1 comment:

Ryan and Amber said...

So cute = your little chub-meister. I love the chubby game. It ranks far superior over the skinny game.