Saturday, April 2, 2011

Color Me Mine

We went and checked out Color Me Mine this weekend! Alli chose to paint Minnie Mouse. She did a great job! We get to go pick it up on Thursday and it will be all shiny. It reminded me of my middle school art class when we got to paint ceramics for Halloween and Christmas, so fun!

Furthermore, Alli swallowed a penny yesterday! I'm not sure where she got it, but she had it in her mouth when we were putting her to bed. I told her to spit it out and she didn't, so I reached in her mouth to get it out and she swallowed it!! She choked for a second and then she was fine. I was totally stressed out about it. Then I read on the internet and most of the time, it comes out on the other end in a few days. She seems just fine, but I'll probably call her Pediatrician on Monday to see what he says, just to be safe! 


Ryan and Amber said...

Happy B-Day, Swista... sooooo sooooo sooooo old are you! And also, good luck sifting through the "other end" to find the penny. Wow.

Eric Requel Bella and Lyla said...

Oh that looks fun, what a fun idea!