Saturday, May 14, 2011


Some things I want to remember about Alli right now...

She has a great memory! She can remember things from months ago, even the smallest details.

She is making lots of friends at her day care, she got 3 birthday invites in the last week! I'm not surprised on bit, she is very friendly!

She thinks she is fully capable of painting her own fingernails. I went into our bathroom the other day and she had nail polish everywhere in the sink and all over her hands. She thought she did a great job though!

Loves Primary

She said her first cuss word the other day =(  She said, "Oh SH*#!" It was kind of funny, but not really.

She say's "It's wake up time!" On the other hand, the other day she said, "Mom, I'm ready to go to bed." What kids says that?

When she's mad at us, she yells "You're not my best friend anymore!"

Eats hot dogs cold. She eats so many that we were worried, so we called Jennie-O and they said they were pre-cooked. Whew! I used to eat cold hot dogs when I was a kid so maybe that's where she gets it =)

Loves to look at The Friend magazine that we got for her. We've also been doing very short FHE nights and she loves it.

She has to go to the bathroom all by herself now with NO help. If I'm in the room she'll say "Get out, don't watch me!"

Loves to play in the dirt and the water.

Loves cheese, chocolate milk, & potatoes. I think on every post like this I've put cheese. The girl loves cheese, eats it everyday.

This is the card she made me for Mother's Day. I love being her Mommy, she makes it easy.
Love you!

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Ryan and Amber said...

Mmmmm - I am sure Alli's mama NEVER uses cuss words. She must have learned that from Josh! :)