Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Some things that have been good to me are:

Coke Slurpees & Shaved Ice
Popsicles/Otter Pops
Lipton Soup
Instant breakfast
Baked potatoes
Lots of water

all because, yep you guessed it....we're pregnant! We are so thrilled! Right now I am just over 13 weeks. We've seen the little munchkin twice and just heard the heartbeat today, which is always a sigh of relief for me. I haven't been near as sick this pregnancy, but I still have had my days. I feel the worst in the morning time, but mostly I've just felt exhausted. However, I'm slowly starting to get some energy back.

It took a little longer than expected this time around! After one miscarriage, 14 months and 3 rounds of clomid it happened. I know 14 months is nothing compared to some, but it felt like a long time for me. We feel very blessed and are so thankful.

Alli seems to be excited, although I don't think she fully understands what's to come quite yet. She says she wants a "girl baby," Josh wants a boy, and I just want a healthy baby.

I have no doubt that Alli will be a fantastic big sister, however the first part might be rough, but I guess we shall see!

Anyway, Baby #2 is expected to make it's arrival on New Year's Day! Do you think it's a boy or a girl??!


The Brindley's said...

Congrats!!! How exciting! I am guessing another beautiful girl!

Ryan and Amber said...

And the scoop is out! So excited for you and your little family. Alli is going to be a good sister and all her clothes will come in handy since it is TOTALLY a girl!

Chynna said...

Congrats! 14 months is how long it took me to get pregnant with Brody. I'll guess boy!

The Belnaps said...

Congrats Ash! I'm guessing a boy...good luck with the rest of the pregnancy


I think its a boy!!!

The Penney's said...

YAY! I'm guessing that your doctor appointment must have gone well. :) I predict you will be bringing home a baby in pink. (girl!)

Karen Kunzler said...

Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and your family. Sounds like you have had to go through a lot to get this little peanut. Miscarriages are hard (I have had 3 total so far), I am glad things have come together for you and that you are just sick enough so you know things are going well. Again, so happy for you!!!!

Kanabites said...

Congrats! I saw your dad and mom at the garkane summer party and your dad spilled the beans to me. Yahoo!

Kesley said...

Congrats Ash! Thats awesome!

Chris & Jennie said...

Yippie! So exciting! And, I totally ate slurpees all the time while I was pregnant with Kate, how funny!

Scottkids said...

CONGRATS!!! You know, I had this feeling to look at your blog today to see if you were preggo for some reason! It was strange!! Congrats though!!! Thats so exciting!!!!

Ry, Katie, Jack and Ella too! said...

Congrats to you guys! Can't wait to hear what it is!

Mary Beck said...

Hey Ashley.. CONGRATS!! I'm seriously so so happy for you. We tried for over 2 years to get pregnant with our #2.. and tried everything too.. ultimately- they just come when they're supposed to I think. And, as I am now learning with a newborn and an almost 4 year old- you will be SO GREATFUL your older child is old enough to help. It will make all the difference to you in a few months. I'm really happy for you!