Thursday, June 16, 2011


Wow, I feel like I've been MIA from my blog! I've been so lazy lately, but I am ready to get blogging again. Alli has been so fun, she is so very outgoing! She is so fun to watch these days. Josh is loving his job and has been doing great. I'm happy that he's happy! Also, he started going to Velocity training, which is a work out that he does 3 times a week during his lunch break and playing softball once a week. I've been doing good too, just working and being lazy at the same time! Life is good. We're glad that it's finally warm around here and excited for summer time so we can get out and do stuff!
I just want to document a few things about Alli before I forget. I have the worst memory of all time, so I love to write these things down.

* She is not afraid to make friends AT ALL! I love this about her, she is super outgoing.
* She often says, are we going to the store (or wherever we're going) yes or no?
* Talks to herself and has conversations with herself in the bath. It's pretty funny, I'll have to post a video sometime. She has all sorts of stories and friends she talks about with her Barbies.
* She calls balloons "Cabloons"
* She is super excited for the rodeo, 4th of July and fireworks, camping, all things that she knows are coming up soon.
*She loves the Taylor Swift song "Mine" and tells us to turn it up!
*Loves chocolate pudding 
*Loves Parties! She already has her birthday party all planned out from the type of cake, to the friends she wants to invite and she says she want to invite her primary teachers, she loves them and talks about them a lot!
Ask tons of WHY? questions! Sometimes it gets old but I do my best to answer them.

She is quite the little lady. I think three is definitely a good age. It's so easy (for the most part) and so fun!

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Travis and Lindsey said...

Ok the 'yes or no' thing is cracking me up. Hali says the same thing pretty much at the end of every question she asks. Not sure where it came from, I guess it came with the age. Our girls seriously live parallel lives.