Friday, August 19, 2011

Half Way

Well folks, I am half way through this pregnancy! I'll be 21 weeks on Sunday which is so crazy to me! I felt the baby move for the first time on August 15th- it's always such a surreal comforting feeling. 
This pregnancy so far has actually gone by really fast. I can't wait to find out what it is...right now I kind of think it's another girl. My ob office is pretty strict and won't let you find out until 21 weeks, so my ultrasound appointment is next Tuesday and I can't wait!!! Then the fun will begin and I can actually start preparing for it. Here is a half way belly pic...I HATE belly pics but whatev, I'll probably regret it if I don't take any at all.

In other news, Alli just finished her 2nd year of swim lessons! She has made a vast improvement!!! By the last few days she was going under water all by herself by choice with no fear! It was so fun to watch her, and I have NO pictures. How lame of me. But she loved her two teachers both named Sarah and she was the cutest little swimmer in her class in my opinion =)

Josh is deer hunting for a few days and we will sure miss him. We’re not used to having him gone for more than a couple days. However, he will probably not be missing us much because he'll be doing what he loves, HUNTING!!

Alli starts preschool and dance in a couple weeks and is SO excited. I’m excited for her but a little sad..she needs to stop growing up so fast. We’ll see if I shed any tears on her first day, I’m guessing I will probably since I’m already a little hormonal anyway due to the pregnancy.


Ryan and Amber said...

Oh - the first belly pic you've posted! How fun! I think it is a girlie too - we'll know SOON.

youngkinfam said...

Congrats! How exciting and i'm jealous that you are 21 weeks! I'm only 14 weeks and ready to be DONE! :) That sucks that your place won't let you get ultrasounded till 21 weeks, that's a long time to wait! But it's also fun to be anxiously waiting I think!