Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wanted to write down a few things Alli says as of late so I don't forget...

"Mom, GO...The light is green!"
"Mom, you're as pretty as a princess"
"I would like coke and fries please...please, you tell her okay?" 
"Deal? Is that a deal?"

She is really into Barbies & Rapunzel right now
Loves to play softball, and she's pretty good!
 Always talks about the baby..she says "I'll hold her and kiss her and sleep with her." 
Says the sweetest prayers that melt my heart!
Loves to sing along to Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Katy Perry.

As for a little pregnancy update. I have about 14 weeks to go! My belly button is already poking out big time already. I am eating everything in site...everything sounds good to me right now, especially caramel popcorn, spinach & artichoke dip, zucchini/banana bread, sweet potatoes, salmon, pretty much everything I see =) Pretty sure I'll be huge by the end of this pregnancy because I have all the holidays and good food that comes a long with them. Oh well...that's the beauty of it right?! 

Also, we went and saw our newest nephew/cousin Baby Ace at the hospital. My sister had her baby boy this week! He's such a sweet little guy. Alli didn't want to hold him just yet, but she did give him a couple kisses. Congrats Amber & Ryan!

Welcome Ace Levi Gardner!

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Ryan and Amber said...

Oh Dang are you ready for your little ball of love with a shock of dark hair? I am ready to meet Ace's little kissin' cousin! :) Thanks for coming to see us and our new little love!