Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Barbie Party

Alli had her much anticipated friend Barbie Birthday Party yesterday and it turned out so cute! She loved it. It was kind of a workout for my Mom and I, but we did it. 
We painted nails, put on a little make up, took some pictures, played games, had cake & ice cream and opened presents. Happy Birthday to our Barbie Princess! Her real birthday is on the 19th, so we'll be celebrating again shortly.

 Waiting for her friends to arrive, she could hardly wait!

 Testing out the do it yourself photo booth

*Party Guests*

Alli & Grandma Gail

 The birthday girl with Mom...don't mind the lovely prego-ness going on with me =)

 Alli and Addison

 Addi & Hally

 Alli and Bella

 Alli & Zoie

Alli and Hally

*Cake & Icecream*

 She was IN LOVE with her Barbie cake! She kept checking on it in the fridge the night before and even told it goodnight!

Make a wish!

She opened her presents in about 3 minutes I think. She had one little melt down when everyone wanted to play with her toys, but she did pretty good sharing them overall. 

A big thanks to Grandma for all your help and all of the little friends for coming and making Alli's party so special and fun!


Ryan and Amber said...

SO cute and PINK! Love it! AND I can't wait to see the "corny" pics from the pumpkin patch.

Requel said...

That turned out so cute! Bella loved it!