Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Continued...

We had a little family party with just our little family on Alli's real birthday. We had a dinner, had more cake and opened more presents from us and the Grandparents and then went to Build-a-Bear. I think she had a super fun day. She kept telling us Thank You, and when she was helping me make some frosting earlier, she said.."Mom, Thanks for everything," and "This is so Great!" It was so sweet, it made my day! Don't you love it when kids say stuff like that? It makes me think that maybe I'm teaching her something right.

This cake was pretty hideous looking, but it tasted good!

Here she is at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. She picked out a puppy instead of a bear and named it "Alyiah," pronounced "E- Leah," you gotta be sure to get the E in there, she corrected me several times =)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, We Sure Do Love You!

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