Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fun

Rapunzel...aka to go on her first round of Trick-O-Treating today at her preschool. She was so excited! I'm pretty sure she is the most perfect Rapunzel with her long blonde Rapunzel hair!

Also, she had her 4 year appointment today and here are her stats:

Weight: 36.82 lbs (65th percentile)
Height: 39.75 inches (52nd percentile)
Doctor says she's not underweight, not overweight, just perfect...AND the best part is that she didn't have to get any shots this time, yay!


The Penney's said...

Man...I wish I could have hair like your little Repunzel! ;) What a lucky girl.

Also, you look great for being 30 weeks. That has flown by. (maybe not for you though) You coming to R town any time soon?

Crystal said...

Aw, she is adorable!!! She does make the perfect little Repunzel :)