Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was by far the warmest Halloween I remember in a long time, it was awesome!
We went Trick or Treating at Josh's work, went to a Trunk or Treat at the Doug Smith car dealership, and then went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. We got loads of candy- Alli was so hyped up on sugar by the end of the night.

Here are some more pictures of our pretty princess. This little Rapunzel dress has been on here a lot by now, but she totally knew she looked pretty so she was doing all these serious poses for me before we left  and I was loving it =)

She got scared at Josh's work and then kept saying she wanted to go home. She hates scary things...But then on the way home she said she had fun, so who knows. You can tell in this picture she was not really into it, but hey we tried.


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Megan said...

she is such a beautiful little girl!